Website Design Process


This is the most important stage that decides it all. The stages of the entire project are all dependent on this step as the idea and what it would be transformed into is drafted in this one. Moreover, this is the stage that requires client interaction.
The key objectives that we focus on in planning include:

  • Knowing about our client and what they do
  • Who is their target market/user
  • The deliverable they require from us
  • Their timeframe and budget

Discussing all the above things beforehand will help our designers to create exactly what you want them to and it will further satisfy you that the right message has been conveyed to the designers.


The most critical step while developing an effective website is to first perform a thorough market research or find out about different businesses so that you may know what is required to be well equipped in terms of development.
You must focus on the points that would lead you to an effective website. Such as, what's the core purpose to create the website, the targeted audience and what the company aims that it would achieve if the website is there in the limelight. One more thing that helps us produce the best of the best is to fully analyze the competitor sites.


In this stage, Logoring makes sure that there is effective communication between the clients. Such as, our designers are constantly in touch with the clients of what type of styling they would require, the colors and images they are looking for etc. Mostly those websites become the center of attraction that enhance their simplicity in navigation, are user friendly and can be easily understood. Keeping this in consideration we present to our clients mockups and wireframes that help them deduce a rough idea that whether the design is going in the right direction or not.


Your feedback is what that can lead to iterations, leading further to improvements and a better end result. So, once the blue-print versions are sent to the clients, it is required from their end to let us know that what areas in the design need improvement, which should be eliminated and those that need to be changed. When known clearly, our expert designers will present you the updated versions as soon as possible.


This is the stage where the design is given a functional layout, i.e. the development is given a start off in parallel fashion with the design. The design of the site that is approved by the client is then developed in a functional structure through HTML. From Homepage, interactive forms, animations to banners, everything would be build by our proficient developers who fully devote themselves in breathing life in the designs.


This is the Go-Live Phase! With the design and development stages finished as according to the client's expectations, we provide you the domain name registration and web hosting service. But prior to this we make sure that the final details of the website are addressed and it is tested well. Then after all this your website is good to go!!

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